Calendar of events

February: Early bird tree sales go through the end of the month for anyone looking to save 15% and secure their desired varieties. Plant plugs start arriving for the spring crop of annuals and perennials. We will also be finalizing our house plant and tropical orders for shipment later this month / March. 

March: We will be doing classes on succulent gardening and house plant arrangements this month, call for information and to sign up 402-551-3654. 

April: It is important to have a tree and landscape maintenance plan in place to ensure your plants are at their optimal health. We are starting pre-treatment for insect prevention and applying tree and shrub fertilizer. Look for specials on mulch, fertilizer, and other landscape maintenance products.

May: This is the moment we have all been waiting for!!! It's a green light for gardening and we have so much planned for this year. We will be fully stocked with plant material and have special events all month long. Look out for Mother's Day Specials, Customer Appreciation Day, Memorial Day and more!

June: Keep an eye out for our Father's Day weekend deals.

July: Celebrate summer with our 4th of July summer sale.






For more information contact us today at 402-551-3654